Large-Size Palette Bundle

$50 $65


Still can’t decide which King-Size palette to choose? Well, we can’t blame you. While we were creating them, we all had our own favorites too! The best way to solve this problem would be to get the BUNDLE! 

Why so many colors? Because we know how much you love experimenting with eye shadow combos. 🤩

This King-Size Palette Offer Two Bundle Choices:

Package #1 - One Exotic Pop Palette + One Tropical Paradise Palette

Package #2 - One Owl Palette + One Kitty palette

Package #3 - One Tropical Paradise Palette + One Owl Palette + One Kitty palette

🔥 Exotic Pop Palette: 

🔥 There is no limitation when it comes to big palettes. Introducing our biggest palette ever. You can find anything you want in this EXOTIC POP palette! 88 super pigmented shades inspired by pops of colors.  

🌴Tropical Paradise Palette:

Take inspiration from these 63 bright shades eyeshadow palette will make summer happen all year long! Bring the sea blues, summery oranges, tropical pink, fresh greens, and canary yellows for effortlessly chic eyes on the go.

🦉Owl Palette:

🦉The owl sees in the dark, this palette starts from soft brown to deep navy tones, which symbolizes the ability to cut through illusions.

🐾Kitty Palette:

🐾The cutest palette of luscious pink and sweet peach tones.