Pro Eye Makeup Brush Set

$8 $12
🔥 We not only provide you a big size Palette, but we also offer you A PRO twenty-piece vegan eye brush set.

🔥 The best brush set to get you started, these eye brushes are perfect to get you up and running with all the essential tools you need for all your favorite looks.

Customer Reviews

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Marie T.

I’ve been doing my own makeup for over 20 years but just recently took an interest in the art of makeup. I used different colors from the exotic pop and tropical paradise. Nothing would stick to my eyes. Yes I had a base and I even wet the brushes and still nothing. The white is not Qing Beauty.

Lacey D.

I love the exotic color pop palette I got it like 5-6 months ago or I think but yes I fell in love with it... and the colors 88 omg that’s a lot of beautiful colors I love this palette


The brushes were not soft but hard and difficult to use. The only good things are the eyeliner brush, eyebrow brush, and the largest brush.

Kenya E.

Love them came individually wrapped and then they all came in a little plastic bat bag together and bristles are super soft

Rebecca M.

Love it. 👍👍👍