Zodiac 6D Eyelashes


👀 Experience lush lashes with our False Eyelashes, an essential collection crafted with ultra-soft texture and comfortable wear. 

👀With these Zodiac false eyelashes, you will with big, attractive, charming, bright, chic eyes. From now on, you can be bright and gorgeous to combine with your own sign!

👀 Soft material, full but the length of eyelashes Fluffy looks natural WISPY. 

  • Zodiac 6D eyelashes in black nature fluffy long and soft reusable material 
  • Let's play them together with our Zodiac palette and express who you are

👀 Which one of our NEW 6D Lashes aligns with your sign?


  • High quality and very durable and perfect performance with nice care , made of 100% soft material
  • Full wispies fluffy, to light up you eye look gorgeous and beautiful
  • Easy to apply and remove 
  • Comfortable to wear in daily usage