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Exotic Pop Palette




🔥 There is no limitation when it comes to big palettes. You can find anything you want in this EXOTIC POP palette! 88 super pigmented shades inspired by pops of colors.

🔥 Featuring luminous glitters, luxe metallics, bold coral, and warm neutrals. - Everything makeup artists and beauty buffs need to achieve unlimited long-wearing looks for all occasions.

Brazilian Carnival Palette 




💃It’s time to indulge, and throw yourself into the Carnival World of Brazil!

💃You can create incredibly any bold glamour looks from those 99 shades, our extra big size palette expands on coveted favorites to unleash a chromatic parade of shimmers, glitters, and mattes.

✨What is the ideal look in your mind by using this palette now?

Mermaid Palette




A mermaid-inspired eyeshadow palette that houses 56 matte, metallic, and glitter shades, all stashed in a dream, iridescent seashell compact.

🧜‍♀️Take a look at this magical pastel rainbow ombre palette is in the shape of a big seashell. Provides glimmering neutrals, jewel tones & aquatic hues in matte & smooth glitter formulas to create looks fir for a sea siren. 

Elephant Palette




🐘We round up the most adorable creatures in the animal kingdom guaranteed to our a smile on your face, starting with our cute elephant palette in a total of 54 shades.

 🐘This cute eyeshadow palette is the perfect mix of vibrant pops of colours. Create the cutest looks with each stroke of this pretty array of lustrous shimmers, silky smooth mattes, and pressed glitter finishes.

We're convinced that this cute guy will melt your heart and make you smile even on the gloomiest and coldest of days!💙

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