Brush Dry Cleaner

Show your true colors and avoid muddy-looking makeup with our convenient Brush Cleaner.

❤ There's no need to change brushes when switching to another shade of powder eyeshadow or blush.

❤ The black sponge cleans off your eye shadow brushes with just a few swipes so you can move from shade to shade quickly.

  • No more wiping your brush on a towel, wipes or tissues before using the next eye shadow color! 
  • You just take your dirty brush in between colors and brush it back and forth to get the old color off and move onto your next color.
  • The sponge is very easy to clean, just run under water with a bit of soap and allow to dry. You only need to clean it about once a week.
  • This is the perfect size for any makeup kit, beauty drawer, or for traveling. The convenient compact tin is very sturdy & the lid closes nice & secure. The black sponge can clean your brushes quickly and keeps your makeup bag clean and smudge free!
    • Easily Change From One Color To The Next
    • Professional Quality
    • Easy To Clean
    • Portable


    • Simply swipe your brush over the special dry sponge in the covered tin to remove any pigment buildup so bristles are clean and ready to dip into another shade. It's as easy as touch and go! 
    • Even you use high-pigment eye shadow, you just ran the brush back and forth across the sponge a few times, and then ran it across the sponge a few more times, it really removes all remaining color on the brush quickly and effectively.