Fancy Box vol.2

$54.99 $140
💞Step into a colorful world of wonder with our new FANCY Box vol.2. Our goal is to inspire a lasting love for all things beautiful and to support nature by offering the ultimate gift for makeup enthusiasts. This package includes a library of content to transport you to a fancy wonderland filled with cute and stylish vibes.

Included in the package:
  • Fast Food Palette (Value $60)
  • 2 Fruit Lip Oils (Value $15)
  • Candy Lover Brush Set (Value $20)
  • Eyeliner (Value $10)
  • Eyelashes (Value $10)
  • Purple Hair Tie (Value $5)
  • 2 Makeup Sponges (Value $10)
  • Rainbow Hairband (Value $10)

If you want to send it with a *CARD* please contact our support team to make a note!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love it! The eyeshadow is very pigmented (even the yellow) and the eyeliner doesn’t wear off easily. I tested it on my hand and even rubbing it, it doesn’t smudge easily.
I haven’t tried the blush/highlighter in this particular box, but they sparkle eyeshadows work wonderfully.
I have been wearing my makeup for 6 hours now and the colour is still as vibrant as I first applied. Not sure how it would do on a hotter day.
Love everything in the box. The brushes are good quality. It doesn’t fall apart like some can do. ❤️

Lovely gift

Absolutely amazing product. They eyeshadows are so pigmented and the glitters are amazing. All the extra products in the box feel amazing and look amazing.