Portable Cordless Hair Straightener

$20 $50


- Our cordless straightener & hair brush quickly detangles messy hair, smooths frizz, and helps you easily tackle all types of hair problems.

- 30 second rapid heating, three settings for constant temperatures. (302°F, 338°F, 374°F). Automatic shut down built in to prevent burning.

- Built-in 4000mAh high-capacity lithium battery, one charge can last for 45 minutes.

- Ideal for quick touch ups and fixes on the go!

Package Includes:

1* Straightener

1* USB Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Veronica K.
best products I have bought for my hair

One of the best products I have bought for my hair. It took very little time to get heated up and I was done with my hair in 5 mins. My daughter commented It was truly easy peasy lemon squeezy. Highly recommended esp for busy mommies out there!!

Heather F.

My hair takes so long to brush it normally, but I can use the frizz wand on low to make things go faster. Since low is only 300F, it won't damage my hair but it does make it look like I've been to the salon.

Charlotte J.

I never used to fix my hair before school because it took way too long. Now I can do it on the trip! Sometimes I just take it in my bag and do it before class. I feel so much more confident knowing my hair is at its best every day.

Jasmine H
Love it!

Thanks to Qing Beauty I can sleep in a little longer every day! It's wireless so I take it with me and do my hair in the car (when I'm stopped of course!). Plus, the heat isn't harsh and my hair feels softer after. Literally everyone thinks I went to a salon. Nobody knows how easy it was!